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Introducing our uniquely designed toolkit flashcards, crafted to make math engaging and conquer those tricky areas effortlessly. Invest in your child's mathematical journey today and witness the transformation firsthand. With our toolkit flashcards, empower your child to excel in mathematics while embracing a newfound love for learning. Our toolkits cover a growing spectrum of mathematical topics. 

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Elevate your child's math journey with our vibrant Times Tables Flashcards!

Transform learning into a playful adventure with this collection of over 60 colourful, laminated flashcards.

The lively designs not only capture attention but also create memorable associations, aiding retention.

Whether exploring the rhythmic 2s or the intriguing patterns of the 7s, these flashcards turn every session into an exciting discovery.

In preparation for the SEAG Transfer Test, your child will be expected to commit to memory a variety of facts, both in literacy and numeracy.  Accurate recall and application of these facts will be crucial if children are to successfully answer many of the exam questions. NumeraSee has created the Transfer Toolkit, so your child can transfer knowledge, while they transition to post primary school. Utilise short journeys in the car everyday to give your child a backseat brain boost.      

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